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16/01/2008 - CamView 1.7 Released
Now with Linux support, new cams, language support and more...

30/10/2007 - CamView 1.5 Source released
Now you can explore the source code of this CamView version.

28/11/2007 - CamView 1.5 Released
Yeah! The second version of CamView is released. 61 cameras, camera control and more...

25/10/2007 - CamView 1.5 Near to relesase
The next version of Camview is near to be released! With a lot of new features.

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Welcome to the CamView website.

CamView allows you to view few webcams around the entire world.

The main purpose of camview is for fun, for view differents citys and monuments of the world in real time and for check the weather in many countries. Well, there are a lot of purposes for this project, but it solve the very common question of: "Oh! i want to view the carnivals in Spain" or others cases. I can not imaginate all the reasons becouse i want to view some place or city.

This project is under a GNU General Public License (GPL) license.

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